Whidbey Island Dive Center - Oak Harbor, WA
Whidbey Island Dive Center - Oak Harbor, WA

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Recommended type of dive: Shore

How to dive this site: Two dives are possible here. "The Jetty" and "The Pilings". The Jetty dive is the most common, with thousands of divers from several states visiting it each year. Most local certification courses are held here. To dive The Jetty, you should begin by gearing up in the parking area and hiking down to the east side of the jetty itself. Stay to the left of the rocks and follow them to the end in 55' of water or around to the other side. "Rounding the end" of the jetty as it is called is best done during a flood current. The end of the jetty should not be approached during an ebb tide since the current may pull you away from the rocks.

HAZARD: While this site is recommended for divers of all skill levels, beginners should dive here during a slack period. The current at this site may be strong at times and has the capability of pulling a diver out into the ferry traffic lane.

To dive The Pilings, you must hike your gear down the beach to the east until you are standing in front of the old wharf to the left of the jetty. Gear up and swim out to the pilings where you should make your descent. Although the current can be strong until reaching the pilings, it is minimal once you are inside of them. Maximum depth here is 35' depending on the tide height. An excellent drift dive can be done on the end of a flood movement by leaving the pilings and drifting to the jetty.

Directions to the site: GPS Coordinates: N. 48 09.408 W. 122 40.267 (Boat ramp)

From Oak Harbor - Follow SR20 South to Coupeville. Once there, turn right on Main, which turns into Engle Road, and follow it the to Keystone Ferry terminal. Pass the ferry entrance and turn into the state park.

From Clinton - Follow Highway 525 North until turning left onto Wanamaker Road just after Admirals Cove. Follow Wanamaker Road to the ocean where you will turn right on to Keystone Road. Continue on Keystone towards the ferry landing. Turn left into the State Park just before the terminal.